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Target Businesses or Consumers.......

Buy a Business List for Direct Mail or Telemarketing

We provide Worldwide Business (B2B) and which can be utilised as part of telemarketing or postal projects.

  • Supply of up-to-date Business databases and lists
  • Business mailing data
  • Business email data
  • Sourcing from Yell descriptions or SIC codes
  • Cleaning your lists
  • Joining your list with new data - no duplication

Give us a call to discuss your particular requirements - were here to help

The business database gives you easy access to approximately 2 million businesses, which you can select by business size, location, and many other criteria. Use our lists for targeted direct mail, email marketing and telemarketing campaigns.

There is no need to do all this yourself - we are here to help you through the many options available - a real partner that helps you every step of the way.

Please refer to the cleansing page for information on Mail Preference Service (MPS), suppression, de duplication, Gone Aways, Universal suppression, deceased, mortascreen, PAF validation, mail sorting, case normalisation and many more.