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Cleansing - Database Cleaning

5 reasons why better data hygiene will make you shine

  • Reduce mailing costs
  • Increase response rates
  • Ensure legal compliance
  • Eliminate duplication
  • Improve accuracy

> Data cleansing and joining
> Suppression
> De-duplication
> Mailsort preparation
> Gone Away's
> Data supply Business
> Mosaic profiling
> PAF Validation
> Post Code cleaning

If you give MailingData your database, we'll give it back to you cleaner. And if you acquire new data from us you have nothing to worry about, it's already been cleaned.

Joining Data top of page
If you have multiple files that all look different and you need to make sure that there are no duplicates - that's what we do quickly and efficiently - we even give you the choice of which of the duplicates you want to keep.

Suppression top of page
Sometimes confused with de duplication - this is normally where you have a spreadsheet or database of people that have requested you do not mail them - this is good practice to keep such a database - we will make sure they are deleted from any future mailings.

De duplication top of page
We can examine the data to make sure there is only one of each address/recipient so you save money in materials and mailing costs - and that the client only receives one copy.

Mailsort Preparation top of page
We can carry out all of the mail sorting processes from Mail sort 1400, Mailsort 700 CBC, 120 OCR and 120 CBC, Presstream and Walksort for Royal Mail or any of the Down Stream Access (DSA) providers such as TNT, Citi Post, DHL etc. Production of mailsort reports and bagging labels is also completed in house.

Gone Away's top of page
If a company or recipient has moved it is possible to remove them from mailing lists and in some cases, find the address they have moved to, this service is particuarily good for Consumer data.

PAF Validation top of page
All mailing data in the UK (if registered with Royal Mail) can be verified and checked against the Post Code Accreditation file (PAF), this means that we can clean your data of typing errors. If your data requires mailsorting it will achieve the best postage discount. (please note flats sometimes cause issues with PAF cleaning so we hand clean these where possible)

Mosaic profiling top of page
If you have a current database and are interested in expanding it, but want to look at the profile of your existing clients, then we can do this with mosaic profiling - this allows us to generate a report defining the attributes and specific information about your client base so that you can purchase similar potential client data - please call us for further information.

Some of the other services we offer: top of page

  • Sequential numbers
  • File Conversions
  • Normalising Data
  • Obtaining moved to addresses
  • Appending data such as Names or telephone numbers and lifestyle data
  • Cleaning files FPS, TPS, MPS
  • Joining of data sets - creating reports
  • Scanning and reporting
  • Barcoding 1D and 2D (scanning and creation)