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Marketing Campaigns

Magazine Mailings

Poly wrapping

A great solution for getting your materials seen as soon as they arrive, we offer a specialist poly wrapping service. We can assist in material production or we can receive materials from your preferred source - but we can wrap your materials in either of the following:

  • Recyclable polythene
  • Bio degradable polythene
  • Printed polythene (referred to as print registered mailing)
  • Inserting of carrier sheets
  • Printing on reverse of booklet (no need for carrier sheet)

(For most mailing we wrap in recyclable materials, in sizes from DL to C4, we also hold many other sizes of polythene so please ask.)

Printed polythene needs a reasonably high quantity due to the setting up costs of plates for the printing process so in excess of 10,000 items is preferable.

Membership Information and Renewals top of page

Regular information and membership renewals with differing requirements for payment methods, we can deal with all that, and get the information out to your membership fast. Please refer to our section on Variable Data Printing at our main site

Daily Billing top of page

Need to get your bills out daily or weekly, and would prefer sending one email, then we have the answer a minimum of 200 items at a time, we will print, fold and envelope and include the postage cost - all at the price of a stamp .... give us a call to find out more 0845 362 0983

Statement mailings top of page

Statement mailing, for companies such as Auctioneers who need to get the confirmation of sale or perhaps the information to vendors or purchasers, then our daily billing section can help with this far more cost effectivily than using a franking machine.

Envelope Enclosing top of page

We can insert many different shapes and sizes into envelopes by machine. Which increases speed and accuracy, ensuring that all envelopes are filled correctly. Whatever your timescales we are sure we can speed up the process to meet the end postage requirement.

Envelope Printing top of page

We offer a high quality envelope overprinting service on a variety of envelope sizes. Whether you want single colour business reply envelopes or a complex 4 colour company logo and slogan to give your mailing more impact - Mail and Print can help.

Our new Halm Jetpress will put up to 2 colours to both sides at the same time from C6 to C4 and Perfect Print

Inkjet Printing top of page

We operate fast and high quality inkjet lines able to print data, return addresses and the PPI at the same time, so no need for litho printing the envelope or for labels - we can do the whole process in one pass and quickly to.

We can apply data or numbering or even barcodes to many items

  • Envelopes
  • booklets or magazines
  • Postcards
  • NCR pads
  • Glued mailers
  • Many more items

Inkjet printing is a great alternative to sticking labels onto envelopes. It's quicker, easier and gives a more professional appearance to your mailing. We can print in black, blue, red or green ink and it is ideal for printing data, a PPI (printed postage impression) and a return address to envelopes or postcards.

One Piece Mailers top of page

One-piece mailers are a way of getting the visual appearance of your mail without using poly or using envelopes. This usually means printing the shell or base stock and then folding and peel able gluing the item together at our factory in Berwick St Leonard, Wiltshire. The data can then be added during the folding and gluing process and mail sorted subject to meeting the minimum requirements.

Sequential coding top of page

Need to get numbers, barcodes or sequential alpha / numeric codes printed - we can do this quickly and accuratily - please refer to our inkjetting section to find out more.